About Us / Our Vision, Mission & Values

All suppliers used are personally checked and asked to abide by Rainbow Red’s abiding vision, mission and values:


To provide an holistic and sustainable professional personal lifestyle management service, by creating or restoring organisational balance and harmony in people’s lives.

Mission & Values

To enable people to reduce unwanted organisational stress, and improve their quality of life or work-life balance (and those of their support groups) as a result, in a professional, calm, friendly, sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

At all times we will:

  • Be patient, honest, polite and courteous, and treat others as we would wish to be treated
  • Respect the safety and confidentiality of our clients, your property and belongings

We aim to develop strong working relationships with clients and suppliers, so that we can provide a bespoke, sensitive, practical, discrete, friendly, flexible, dependable & confidential service which:

  • Enables clients to focus on spending valuable time on personal priorities rather than time consuming planning & organising activities
  • Prevents people from being ripped off – eg. by doorstep conmen (bogus callers), or inconsiderate, expensive, unreliable or unprofessional workmen

We will liaise with local authorities and charities to protect and support our clients and vulnerable members of the community.

We will continually strive to improve our services and levels of performance, based on client and supplier feedback, so that we provide a value-added professional service which offers outstanding value for money.

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